About the showcase

At this year’s 71st Festival de Cannes GO! Pictures KG presents a GO!insideVR Showcase in the VR Theatre at the NEXT Innovation Hub, Marché du Film. We are proud to showcase a variety of films from Croatia, Australia, Russia and Austria. All of them use Virtual Reality in a unique way. The films will be screened simultaneously to a limited audience of 30 people at a time. Additionally the films will be accessible in the VR Library throughout the whole week of the NEXT Innovation Hub to all market participants.

Screening Dates

VR Theatre
May 10, 2018 – 4pm
VR Library
May 8 – 13, 2018
Venue:  NEXT Hub (-1 Palais du Festivals)

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Village Int’l (Riviera Side)
European Pavilion #119


A ticketing system for the VR Theatre will be accessible at the NEXT innovation Hub. Tickets are for Market badge holders only and will be available on the day before the screening. One ticket delivered per person. Find more information here: www.marchedufilm.com

Heroes of Night and Tragic

by Bruno Margetic

A person wants to tell a story about someone being trapped inside a shoebox. And the very next moment he becomes a protagonist in his never told story. Even worse, he is threatened by his average self who comes to claim his life.

Executive Summary

Genre: Drama
Director: Bruno Margetic
Producer: Ateatar
Production Company: Ateatar
Year: 2017
Country: Croatia



Virtual Tarkine Rivers

by Fraser Johnston

“The Crayfish Man”, Todd Walsh, explains the ecology of the Tarkine river systems which are still largely intact by comparison to other rivers in Tasmania, allowing these giants to grow up to a meter in length! The Bob Brown Foundation is calling for World Heritage protection to allow continuation of an ecosystem unchanged. Help keep these giants safe, join our campaign.

Executive Summary

Genre: Documentary
Director & Producer: Fraser Johnston
Executive Producers: Jenny Weber, Emma Wasson
Bob Brown Foundation
Year: 2018
Country: Australia

Our North Pole

by Olesya Kustova

Become a part of this unique VR project and discover yourself at the North Pole. This is the first 360° film that was made during an actual expedition to the geographic top of the world, 90º north latitude. It captures in amazing detail the extraordinary voyage aboard the most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world, 50 Years of Victory.

Executive Summary

Genre: Documentary
Director: Olesya Kustova
Producer: Galina Lebed
Production Company: Vivalter, Kustova Media Group
General Sponsor: Poseidon Expeditions
Year: 2017
Country: United Kingdom, Russia

Remain at Home

Episode I

by Gero A.E. Egger

In EPISODE I of the cinematic VR Series REMAIN AT HOME the viewer slips into the role of altruistic grandmother ZAHIRA who needs to convince her grandson MAHMUT and his young family to abandon their home and escape the war, despite the heart-wrenching realization that they might not make it if she accompanies them.
The VR Series REMAIN AT HOME is in development – A young family’s dangerous escape from war leads over sea and land. They rely on people with different origins and faith. Hopefully deep down we all strive for common values.

Executive Summary

Genre: Drama
Director: Gero A.E. Egger
Producer: Lisa M. Wurzinger
Production Company: GO! Pictures KG
Year: 2017
Country: Austria


Meet Gero, Lisa Maria, Iris,
the GO! Pictures Team, in Cannes!

Working together as a creative team since 2011, Gero’s, Lisa’s and Iris’ ideas became the quintessence of GO!insideVR. They not only motivate each other to peak performances they are also deeply connected as friends.

Meet them at the European Pavillion’s sea side terrace at this year’s Filmfestival de Cannes.

Contact in Cannes

Village Int’l (Riviera Side)
European Pavilion #119

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“Don’t hesitate to meet us at the European Pavilion.” – The GO! Pictures Team