Break Down These Walls – Festival Closing Event

Together with VRrOOm, Stereopsia, and Virtual Worlds, the GO!insideVR team presented the cinematic 360°/VR experience “Remain at Home” and a social discourse & live VR music program at the “Break Down These Walls” Film Festival’s closing event on May 4th, 2020 in the VRrOOm social hub in VRChat.

The Festival ended with a live VR music performance from the improvisational shred-pop-duo “C.O.R.N!” aka Nick Acorne (Electronics) and Patrick Wurzwallner (Drums) on the VRrOOm dance floor.

VR Program & Immersive Concert production by GO!insideVR
Music and VR live performance by “C.O.R.N!”
Sound studio facilities & technical support by Klangkulisse and AmbiXes